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Peter Boswell is a business development consultant specialising in industry and market surveys, business documentation and sustainable development.


  • Consulting Engineering Industry Survey

    FIDIC-EFCA Consulting Engineering Industry Survey website

  • Training

    Peter Boswell provides training services on business development, management systems, procurement...

  • FileOpen support

    Support for FileOpen plug-ins and viewers used to open access-protected PDF files is available.

  • Associates

    Peter Boswell works as an associate with Bricad Associates and Vandagraf International.

Latest blog posts

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    A news item has been updated to summarise the status of Kwamtili Estate in Tanzania. Peter Bos...

  • FIDIC Engineer

    FIDIC, the International Federation of Consulting Engineers, has decided to relaunch a pilot p...

  • FileOpen security updates

    The website devoted to supporting the FileOpen document encryption technology has been updated...

  • Work in progress

    Peter Boswell is currently working on: providing user support for encrypted PDF docum...

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