has its office at the home of Peter and Claudine Boswell, 13, chemin des Clairvaux, 1264 St. Cergue, Switzerland.

Les Clairvaux is about 300 metres outside the village of St. Cergue on the road to Arzier. Leaving the village you cross the railway line and pass by the St. Cergue station. There is a turnoff to the right opposite a large parking place. This is the chemin des Clairvaux. Take this lane, climb up 100 metres, follow the lane turning left and then straight to the end (another 100 metres). The chalet is on the right.
There is a train every 30 minutes from Nyon to St. Cergue (the train has a small station behind the main Nyon station). The station in St. Cergue is in the centre of the village. It is a 10 minute walk to the office.

The railway's timetable. St. Cergue has an official website. Our home is a chalet located at 13, chemin de Clairvaux. 

The arial photo showing the road out of St. Cergue towards Arzier. The chemin de Clairvaux starts at the begining of the large parking area. The photos below give the view from St Cergue across Lac Léman to the Alps and Ziggy. The map of the St. Cergue region shows Nyon on Lac Léman close to Geneva and the train line up the Jura Mountains to St. Cergue.

St. Cergue arialRegional map

13, chemin de Clairvaux

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